about the blog

I started journaling about my life and travels in 2008 through a weekly newsletter but didn’t create my first personal blog until November 2010. I had a nasty habit of building a loyal following and then deleting my work and starting over. On this microblog you’ll see a lot of my lifestyle snapshots including but not limited to what I’m packing for my next adventure, the most gorgeous sunrise shining over the city, or the architectural details of my neighborhood.

about the girl

Welcome to my microblog. My name is Rebecca and I’m a city slicker on vineyard time. This is a unique and colorful view inside my life. I like to travel, eat good food, buy nice things, and surround myself with interesting people. I'm fortunate enough to be living in one of the most exquisite cities in the world and find beauty in things great and small from the large skyscrapers towering over me to the perfect red apple I happened to pick up that morning. You can always catch up with me here and I hope you will join me on my journey! Sincerely, Rebecca

my nightstand

To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up. - The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde

in-room dining - club sandwich, cranberry juice, and raspberry lemon sorbet.

in-room dining - club sandwich, cranberry juice, and raspberry lemon sorbet.

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