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I started journaling about my life and travels in 2008 through a weekly newsletter but didn’t create my first personal blog until November 2010. I had a nasty habit of building a loyal following and then deleting my work and starting over. On this microblog you’ll see a lot of my lifestyle snapshots including but not limited to what I’m packing for my next adventure, the most gorgeous sunrise shining over the city, or the architectural details of my neighborhood.

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Welcome to my microblog. My name is Rebecca and I’m a city slicker on vineyard time. This is a unique and colorful view inside my life. I like to travel, eat good food, buy nice things, and surround myself with interesting people. I'm fortunate enough to be living in one of the most exquisite cities in the world and find beauty in things great and small from the large skyscrapers towering over me to the perfect red apple I happened to pick up that morning. You can always catch up with me here and I hope you will join me on my journey! Sincerely, Rebecca

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People are innately fearful. Most of us want to express an opinion, but too often we hold back because we're afraid. We don't want to be rejected or scorned. We don't step up and say what's on our minds. The mark of good leadership is to work hard to bring out the unsaid. - It's Not About the Coffee, Howard Behar

'Lette Macarons, Beverly Hills

'Lette Macarons, Beverly Hills

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Anonymous: I'm wondering how you get your hair so beautiful!? I know you're ethnic as am I, but I wonder if you're doing something that I'm not? And what a great color! Also, if the review of the foundation will be up soon? Thanks!!

Let me start with this is close to what my natural texture is like. I started getting relaxers about 5 years ago and then had sewn in extensions for about three years. I stopped relaxers about a year ago because I was sick of doing all this crap to my hair and it was getting really short from all the chemical damage. I lost all extensions in February (plus 20 lbs) and was left with this.

My hair is growing out healthy and curly but I’m left with damaged, floppy ends. I’m not comfortable with my natural texture yet but I take biotin and b12 supplements, try to eat protein rich foods, and I get it blown out weekly/deep conditioned and I also do deep conditionings at home. I still apply heat but not as much as I used to! I’m cutting back on it.

I’ve seen a huge improvement in my natural curls within the last six months! And I’ve never colored my actual hair. I can’t even imagine what damage that would do to my recovering locks. My blonde ombre last year was thanks to extensions. And I completely forgot about that review. I posted it and then took it off because I wanted to edit and never republished it.

making your wednesday night better with some flowers you are welcome

making your wednesday night better with some flowers you are welcome

Anonymous: What type of camera would you recommend for someone who wants to start a personal blog or wants to start vlogging? Thank you in advance!

I think it depends what type of blog/vlog you have. I’m going to give you two examples because it’s mostly what I post…I’m assuming you have similar interests.

If you want to go the beauty/fashion/tutorial route I really love my Canon EOS Rebel T3i - the LCD screen flips out so you can watch yourself which is really nice if you need both hands free. The T5i also has this now! It’s a great beginner DSLR and it’s easy to learn on. 

If you’re going to go the travel/day-in-the-life route I suggest a mirrorless compact system because they’re small, easy to carry around, but still give you all that power to manually control the camera and change lenses. I almost always have my Canon EOS M on me. Also check out the Nikon 1 AW1 as it’s waterproof/shockproof as well if you’re a rugged traveler. Downside to these is that they don’t all have optical viewfinders which can be really annoying with glare/sun on the LCD screen. Also many are touch screen now which is personal preference (I don’t like it!).

noirblanchegris: I'm 17 I going to London for college and yea everyone is just talking about getting wasted and clubbing I'm not interested and I can't do that. I feel overly left out already and now I'm just wondering if me going abroad was even a good idea in the first place I'm starting to regret it.

I’m going to post this publicly in case anyone else has some more advice!

First I would say change your attitude on it, already feeling left out is not good and maybe the people you’re talking to just aren’t the people to be hanging out with. I doubt everyone is all about clubbing. I would say go with the mindset and goals to find others who think similarly to you and want to focus on their surroundings and this experience. I’m sure you will find other international students who feel the same way as you and are all about just focusing on this opportunity to study somewhere new and being in this new place! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I plan on moving out to Australia in the spring and I’m determined to go into it with a good mind, explore the new land, connect, make friends, and worst case scenario I stick it out for a year and come back! It will go by so fast and either way, it will be an amazing experience. 

My two selfies for the summer, goood morning (:

Stop + Smell The Sea (preview), drivers by Cole Haan - full blog post coming soon

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preview of this year’s end-of-summer trip to Martha’s Vineyard

preview of this year’s end-of-summer trip to Martha’s Vineyard


I usually do loads of custom work on the themes I use. The theme I’m using now is LeStrange. I like starting with a blank canvas. Then I just add things I want one by one! I’m not a fan of loads of padding, I like my elements a bit snug and close together! I’m also really into symmetry.

Some of my favorite theme designers are: Atlas, Coffeestainedbooks, Sleepy Themes, Theme Closet, Maridani - I suggest you start with these!

St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans, Louisiana

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a new pretty theme with fleur de lis and peonies 

a new pretty theme with fleur de lis and peonies 

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