I was honestly so upset with Laduree. Every fashion blogger seems to make it a stop on their NYC or Parisian adventures and they’re really just not that great…Especially for Paris I’ve had better macarons from their own grocery stores! The shop itself is adorable and the line was out the door when I stumbled upon the Madison shop so I got in line and checked the place out. 

My first issue is that half a dozen macarons in a bag is about $16. If you want to put it in a box? $21.Macarons should never be in a bag! From a place that serves only macarons, a bag shouldn’t even be an option let alone charging you $5 to put it in a pastel box! I went for the bag and by the time I got back to my hotel (midtown west) my macarons were crumbled.

The macarons weren’t stale but I could tell they weren’t all that fresh either. By the bite of the meringue I’m going to say they were one day old. Again from a place that specializes in macarons and is already charging ridiculous prices - it wasn’t perfect. 

Bottom line? I have to give it up to their marketing and branding department because they’re genius but they simply don’t live up to the expectations they set for themselves. I don’t recommend it and I don’t plan on going back. For Manhattan macarons I’ll be sticking with Francois Payard.

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